A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

(22:03:59) kayfox: fun
(22:04:02) kayfox: beat Ghosts
(22:04:08) kayfox: kinda yay
(22:04:32) Salem: Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Mix) by Tenth Planet is awesome =^.^=
(22:04:37) kayfox: aye
(22:04:40) kayfox: little hard
(22:04:51) Salem: If you can beat So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix) by Silvertear, I'd have to give you mad props.
(22:05:13) kayfox: either that, or Im tired, prolly tired
(22:05:54) Salem: I bust out the dance moves when I got home from work today. Why did you want to see me play at the Tilt yesterday? You wanted to see if the man could live up to the legend? =^.^=
(22:06:07) kayfox: heh
(22:06:12) kayfox: brb
(22:06:45) kayfox: beat So Deep at what diffculty?
(22:06:52) Salem: Any
(22:06:57) Salem: It's a hard song.
(22:07:51) kayfox: ah
(22:08:10) Salem: Are you playing on the game or Stepmania?
(22:09:38) kayfox: stepmaina
(22:10:35) Salem: Background movies?
(22:12:04) kayfox: no
(22:12:50) kayfox: http://kayfox.org/images/albums/ddr/DDRsodeep-cleared.jpg
(22:14:21) Salem: Yay! =^.^=
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