A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay


Lessons learned:

* Not a feature built into Windows Server 2003.
* Windows does not like updating to the new HP drivers for the Compaq NC3121.
* Intel makes you buy a server card to do EtherChannel on Windows, even though the Compaq MC3134 can do EtherChannel, the Compaq card is just a PCI bridge and 2 82559's, so one would think you could just do it with any bunch of 82559 cards... no, halfta buy the server cards.
* Apparently you can do EtherChannel with a bunch of vanilla 82559 cards... on Linux.
* Cisco's documentation on the subject could be more clear.
* Something in this house is responding to DHCPREQUEST messages with a null DHCPOFFER and its screwing with stuff.

For those left clueless:

82557: Old intel network chip, not usually used anymore.
82558B: Newer chip, alot better, around here its used in the DFI Sahara boxes and some Compaq NICs (The MC3121 mainly).
82559: Shrunk down low power consumption 82558 with updated feature set, better, stonger, faster (the MC3134 and the "generic cards"* use this).

* The "generic cards" are actually Intel PRO/100+ PCI Management Network Adapter(s).
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