A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Who is Michael?

Michael is a young gay boy, about 15, who about one year ago Saph invited to his place while I, Saph's boyfriend, was staying there.

He was rather flirtive even after I told him that Saph was mine, and I really didint like him doing that. But it continued, and before he was to have left, they were naked on Saph's bed. Aside from alot of gropeing, kissing and such, Saph didnt do any thing sexual with him... yet. Mike left quite a bit of hickies on Saph.

So Mike had to leave to catch the bus, and they, Saph, Mike and Saph's friend that brought Mike, left to catch the bus... But not for long, they apparently missed the bus. So Mike was staying for the night.

When we all went to bed, Mike just had to sleep in bed with me and Saph. Cuddleing with Mike made Saph to hot to cuddle with me, and he kept pushing me away, eventually right off the bed. So I landed on the floor, crawled in a corner, and cried myself to sleep.

The next day they left, Saph never cuddled with me or anything for the rest of the time I was there.

After a week of off and on bickering and making up, me and Saph went to Klub Z, after that episode of him being pissy, I finally walked out on him.

And he made the point of dumping me on AIM.

So, he then had what he wanted: Mike. He flaunted him, made shure I found out about it. Talked about Mike constantly. I got tired of it and ignored him.

I talked with a cousin of Mikes who had discovered my AIM name, and she talked about how much of an ass Saph was, and how she worried about Saph giving Mike something. Saph was sleeping around on Mike too. And eventually, Mike dumped Saph.

One day in March, Mike IMs me, and I ignore him.

So, this Saturday, I was in the SMYRC booth not 10 minutes, and Mike shows up, I dont realise it till he calles me by name, we had not been introduced by the SMYRC people. So suddently Im quite unconfortable. And apparently he was, as Mario had asked him what was the trouble, and he said something to the effect of "boy problems." Eventually he wandered off.

I saved myself from being an ass on the float the next day by thinking about the kinder other boys in my life, like Dwagin. But I still spent the entire time hoping he would stay back with the Pride PRoject float. He didint, he was on the SMYRC float nearly half the time, at one point he had put his hand on my shoulder I dont know why, maybe for balence, but his touch was gentle and light.

I have always wondered about wether I should talk to Michael about what had happened, but I had never encountered him till that weekend, and I didint then.

I wonder too, that if Saph is hitting on me, should I bother talking with him, perhaps visiting him, or something.

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