A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

sequence of events on last Wednesday:
3:45 pm run into Jason, said hi.
4:00 pm run into Sean while he is working on stuff in the basement.
4:20 pm Sean tells the housing coordinator that we are not allowed to have cable internet in housing.
4:30 pm housing determinations meeting starts, coordinator tells Jason what Sean said
4:40 ish, Comcast tech comes to dink with cable plant in building.
the upstairs people say that they now have extended basic instead of just basic cable

Thursday: I call Comcast and they tell me there would be no problem setting up an account (because their system now shows OI as having cable)
Thursday eve: I am told about Seans decision, I am also told that the comittee couldint make a descision because I didint attend a meeting I wasnt informed of that happened at 4pm on wenesday.

This just gets stranger.

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