A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Getting Qwest basic phone service and DSL: Failed.

13th Sept 2004

Called to confirm order, order ok, added caller id. Got UPS tracking number for dsl modem.

14th Sept 2004

Activated DSL internet service with DSL-Only.

Got home at 8:30pm, no dialtone.

Called Qwest Care, put on hold till they closed, then got dropped.

Called Qwest repair, told that the tech couldint gain access to the network interface box and the installation would have to be rescedualed. Told to call care in the morning.

15th Sept 2004

7am Called Care, told that a tech wouldint need to come out and that the service could be activated today.

2pm no dialtone, called care, got a super, told that I would have to wait till the 23rd.

called back again, told that my account had been locked and a certain person in colorado would be the one to talk to

left a voicemail for this person

called back, got a super, told that theres absolutely no way for it to be put in any earlier than the 23rd.

Lets put this in perspective: I work for a cell phone company that activates phones immediately and ships overnight. Both Verizon and Comcast would have sent a tech out in an hour having missed the original install date. I can walk to the Qwest central office for downtown in a mere 5 minutes. I pains me for them to act like they have to send a switch rail-freight from the east coast to get this done. Its a fucking phone line and fucking DSL for crissakes, its not like Im ordering a T-1, and ironicly if I had ordered a T-1, I would have it by now.

Now what.

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