A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

(01:33:34) thekayfox: bought the Indy from wacky willies, the day they got it
(01:34:07) thekayfox: the Indy is also in the best configuration possible
(01:34:11) _________: That's cool stuffs.
(01:34:33) thekayfox: I havent used it yet, I havent got $200 for a copy of Irix
(01:34:48) _________: Does it require Irix?
(01:34:53) thekayfox: yeah
(01:35:02) _________: Suck. In the not-good way.
(01:35:21) thekayfox: you can run Linux on it, but its soo exotic that that entirely defeats the perpose
(01:35:39) _________: o.O
(01:35:56) thekayfox: I mean, if you run linux on it, it might as well be a PII box
(01:35:59) _________: Hehe. I guess I just see computers in a more utilitarian light.
(01:37:23) thekayfox: I do too, but this things entire perpose around here is to be an exotic machine, like having an famous painting
(01:37:53) _________: I guess I can see how it'd be important to have the right os, then.
(01:38:37) thekayfox: a famous painting's value is not as much in the representation of the message, but of the importance of its maker, just as the SGI is more usefull as a funky box to run Maya on than a box to do stuff with Maya on

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