A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Little update:

The FC room is secure, and the FC funds are secure. Now just to ride through work till then and try to get alot of overtime.

Keer has been ressurected on an Athlon 1800+ Ive dubbed the old Keer to be named Snitter, and wiped its install of 2000 for a fresh one. Hopefully I can afford Half-Life 2 when my next paycheck comes around, and maybe more ram.

I the ways of last months eBay auctions, Ive gotten everything except the PS2->USB adapter, darnit, I have games to play!

Work on the various *.kayfox.org sites is going slowly, Roger keeps nagging me to add file uploads to his Wiki, and I keep slacking on doing it. But I have bigger fish to fry, like the password sych problem.

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