A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

I have something Ive been meaning to ship to Tyber, its a National Geo with an article about Siberian Tigers, I should just like drop ship it in a drab envelope. I cant understand the falling out I had with him.

Another falling out Ive had that churns in my heart is between me and Swuf, I dont know what to think of that anymore, only hope.

Also, one might not want to drag out the Saph drama farther, but that seems one of the roads Ive traveled, only now Im not gonna let him hijack my path anymore. He does it my way or not at all.

I sit here and watch all these people that Ive wanted to be friends with, but have been too shy to try.

I will allways love them in my heart, no matter what.

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