A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Okay, I work as a Sr CSR for a Nextel callcenter in Oregon. One of the projects I work on is the Welcome-Verification Call. In other words, customer who get phones from certain sales channels (direct dealers, NRS, Telesales, and Websales) have to call our 1-800 number to get their phone completely turned on (unrestricted). Now, this means I talk to pretty much all the types of Nextel customers on the lower end (IE: people and small buisnesses). somehow, it hasnt helped my faith in humanity.

My pet peves:

1. You call up, and dont have any of the following: the phone number of the phone, the Direct Connect number of the phone, your SSN (if the account is yours), the account number, the order number if you ordered online or on the web, or anything I can punch in and look up your account using, without having to fsck with something other than the CRM software.

2. Trying to activatoe a phone on an account your not authorized to make changes to.

3. Blowing up at me when I tell you to contact your dealer because they havent hit the bloody "Complete Order" button, I cant do a damn thing about your order not being complete, because at that point only the dealer can fix it.

4. Trying to activate a phone on an account whom you dont have a clue who is the account holder.

5. Calling in, complain the Spanish line is hanging up on you, and demanding I speak to you in Spanish. I can try at German or Japanese, but I have no idea what any words in Spanish mean.

6. Asking for my supervisor before Ive even said my name.
a. Getting pissed when I ask you why, I have to have that info.
b. Getting even more pissed when I offer to fix it for you.
c. Going apeshit when I do fix it for you.

7. I know youve called before, I know that you already did this thing, I still need your name for the notes, because I get in trouble if I dont say who called when I make changes.

8. Calling in and putting me on hold.
a. Dealers calling in and makeing me wait while they prep the customer, this is a call the customer's supposed to make.
b. Dealers getting pissed when Im verifying what they put in, thats the whole bloody point.

9. Dealers putting the customer on the dummy plan and telling them to call us to pick their rateplan.
a. Putting the customer on a real plan and telling them same.
b. One word, Wallmart.

10. Dealers calling with questions about FDT, its not my job to answer them. And dont get pissed when I say so. (Itronicly, I can answer said questions, but its so verry not my job to do that)

11. That bloody asshat in New Jersey who whent bonkers when I sighed, first of all, you must be a frigging cat to hear that, second, Ive had a long day and its not even lunchtime, Ensemble went down and we couldint take calls properly cause Nextel was telling us to act like everythings fine and not go through the outage spiel, and my previous call was another asshat who wouldint listen. Secondly, you made a string of demands, including turning it on "right now" and were generally impatient, had you not kept inturupting me, it would have been a 4 minute call, now Im at the 5 minute mark, havent even got past page 6 of the 13 page script, and your cussing me out and hanging up. 6 months ago you would have been made to call back in and do it all again.

12. Inturupting me to complain about how long its taking, its a 4 minutes call, that is, if you dont make me repeat myself 20 times.

13. Verifying the direct connect number 60 times, if you really care about it being perfectly accurate, look it up in the phone.

14. Asking for Sr Allmighty Supervisor III Mike's supervisor, call Nextel corporate, or God.

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