A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

I got kicked out of Lloyd Center today for having a tail on...

I had noticed this lady security guard lingering outside of the GameStop watching me.

All we had done was wander throught GameStop. And were going down the esculator talking about Kae getting kicked out fo Bellvue Crossroads for sitting on the floor. When this shortish black security guard leans over and tells us that they have been watching us, and that they want us to either take off our tails or leave, otherwise they will ban us from the mall. I asked him why they want such, and asked what part of the dress code it violated. He said that it dosent matter why they decided to do that, but it was private property and they have every right to make up reasons. I asked him to put it in writing (not cause Im an ass, but because I want something to copy an attach to a letter to the mall management) and he game me a little slip with the "rules" on it. (other side of the slip)

So we left, they followed us all the way out.


The following text was added as part of my post to WA-Furries.


So, this kinda makes you think about that whole "their just doing their
jobs" argument, this is the Lloyd Center that the PDXFurs often hold
meets at, where lots of people show up in normal and not so normal dress
some with tails and ears and such. This mall also sports a hot topic,
who's staff sometimes outdoes a tail in the bizzare adornment

The key here is: we were nicely dressed, were not shoplifting, and did
not present any sort of wild visually disturbing imagery or violent

And it wasnt because we were wandering around and not buying things, we
had only gone to one store (the GameStop) at the time this happened, and
were headed in the general direction of the EB that not two weeks ago I
had purchased a not so cheap DDR pad at.* So you could say I had little
green rectangles with an intend to trade them for things.

Yes, the "commercial activities" outlined in the Lloyd Center "code of

So, Im kinda stumped. I didint know mall security could be such
asshats. I would like to think that he had a reason. But its hard to
fathom precisely what reason that could be.

- Kay

* RedOctane Ignition Dual Platform.

Relevant pics and scans:

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