A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

iDEN Direct Connect Etiquette

1. Do not leave your speaker on in a restaurant, theatre or other place where patrons are expected to be quiet.
2. Make shure speaker volume is as minimal as possible, I shouldint have to hear your conversation from 100 meters away.
3. After pressing the PTT button, wait till the phone beeps before talking, because its not sending your voice till it beeps, the first part of what you say will be cut off if you dont wait.
4. If at all possible, carry out a conversation with a headset or holing the phone up to your head like a regular call, so bystanders can be free of having to listen to your conversation.
5. Do not use Direct Connect while talking to Customer Care, if you must, at least turn off the speaker. It may not seem loud to you, but its really loud for us.

Thank you,
Your former Nextel Customer Care Representative.

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