A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

So Kay, what is your oppinion on the software wars?

Many people have come to me and asked me what OS I prefer and why, I am apt to say Linux, but that’s not entirely true. In an ideal world where I didn’t have to worry about electricity bills, I would probably run several OSs simultaneously. For this piece I will start with what I would do in this ideal world and why, and branch into what I see as an ideal software ecosystem. I must apologize beforehand because I will probably wander way off on tangents at some points, but I’m just going to continue on my merry way in hopes of getting some good stuff on paper.

In this multipart series, currently weighing in at 4 parts and looking like 5 soon, I will cover some issues I have developed an understanding of in the software market. Starting with the core of the market: the Operating System.

Operating Systems: 1. Kay's ideal collection of computers.

Diversity: 2. Software diversity and why its important to us.

Interoperability: 3. Software interoperability, without it, diversity is useless.

Licensing: 4. Licensing and right, the tighter you squeeze, the more users will slip through.
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