A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

I have been looking for cheap or free SGI stuff for a while, I just put together a list for reference.

Items that I need:

SGI Octane:
Whole Octane or just the Motherboard or at the very least CPU, depending on shipping costs.
Octane VPRO V6 Graphics.

SGI Indy:
The IndyVideo expansion, maybe with CosmoCompress.
I always wondered if there was a 10/100 NIC that could be installed with IndyVideo.
Indy manual.
Indy Bag.
Im not that interested in the Presenter option, but if someone has one they dont need, I can take it.
A 24Bit Newport graphics card.
Indy accessories, like the IndyCam, etc.
An extra couple of Indy's for parts.

Granite grey keyboards and mice, the PS/2 ones with the cube logo.
Irix media, I already have tons of Irix 4.x stuff, Irix 5.3 and the 5.3 for R5000, 6.2 and 6.5.0-9. I also have a burned copy of 6.5.23.

Im hopeing to put together an O2 at some point.

In terms of Sun stuff, Im looking for:
Ultra 5, because I have a 4 port NIC that I think would make for a good router.
The SunPCI "Penguin" board, this is the one intended for running Linux in a virtual machine inside Solaris.

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