A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

I have discovered a site called Zero Intellegence, it cronicles the absurd cases of the Zero Tolerance school security method, which I think is a load of bull.

I came upon this site after reading Penny Arcade's continuing encounters with a lawyer named Jack Thompson.

Some of you are seething in rage at that name, the rest of you are probably wondering who he is.

Heres the CliffNotes version: Jack Thompson is a God fearing Lawyer from the State of Florida who thinks that violent video games cause violence and has taken it upon himself to bring down the beast that is the video game industry.

Some of his antics include threatining sites and their ownders who have concluded that with the rise of violent video games, the junivile crime rate is still dropping. Some games have written him back (comic associated with that news bit) or even had drawn out arguments with him.

The only two conclusions that I have come to in this whole debate are: 1. violent videogames dont cause violence, and 2. This jack guy has got to be nuts.

For more wonderful info about Jack Thompson, read gamepolitics, interesting tidbits include his letter to Seattle's police cheif calling for the criminal investigation of Penny Arcade and his comment belittleing Edmonton, AB and blaiming PA for flyers in his neighborhood.

BTW, He's being investigated by his bar association.

Anyways, more on all this later.

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