A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

-- notes --
Upgrade for dual Pentium II box:
Finished, unit is now upgradeable if I ever use it, found two 333Mhz procs SpecID SL2TV with CPUID 0652

Upgrade for Slot-A Athlon 650:
Machine is going to be a Windows Server 2003 test unit for MCSE study.
Need to find a Slot-A 900 or 950Mhz proc.
Need to find more ram, 256MB or 512MB, PC100 or PC133, motherboard specs claim ECC compatability.

Upgrade for Boris (IBM Netfinity 5000R 8659-41Y):
Need Pentium III Katamai 500MHz processor, CPUID 0672 and perferably SpecID SL365.
Need IBM VRM PN/FRU 01K7113.

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