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A Fox Called Kay's Journal
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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

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Somebody on customers_suck had a few questions about ham radio so eventually I replied with a bit about how to get into ham radio:

The ARRL has this site: http://www.hello-radio.org/
Wikipedia has an article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_Radio
QRZ has this site: http://www.qrz.com/i/ham-radio-howto.html

Now You're Talking is a good book, kinda funny in places and certainly nowhere near as dry as the Amateur Extra study guide. The community doesn't really do the Internet thing too well, so it will take a bit of browsing to find something interesting... what you really need to do is find something in it that appeals to you, and then find places online or local clubs/people that do the same thing and hang out... getting a Tech class licence and a 2 meter radio helps this a bit because then you can just sit at home and talk to these people on repeaters and such.

There are things Im hoping to do, like putting together an engaging lesson strategy and materials, a wiki and such, but after speding alot of time on my current ham project it may be a while before something like that gets some flesh.

Anyhow, if your interested in ham radio and have questions, please reply with them and I will try to answer them, if I cant answer them, I will find someone who can.

Fire away.
So, I have returned from The People's Republic of Portland.

The difference between Portland's TriMet and Seattle's King Co Metro is almost night and day, with TriMet, the busses are almost always pretty close to on time and pretty quick getting from point A to B. The MAX is also really nice, of course, I knew all of this, but I had fergotten how big of a difference it was.

I rode on the Amtrak Cascades train to and from Portland, this train really does top 90 miles an hour during its trip, but makes up for this by having to stop in several places and wait for other traffic to pass.

Did not get to see all the people or places I wanted to see while I was down, but it was a nice break from things in Seattle. I found out that Wacky Willie's is out of business and its pretty easy to get to Ham Radio Outlet on the bus, a good thing. Went out boating and such with my dad, had fun with that.

Now, on to the final preperations and panic before the FC van trip.

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