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A Fox Called Kay's Journal
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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

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If you ever talk to me about those "hippy" things you would think I would be completely behind...

You will find, among other things, I dislike the idea of recycleing paper, and bottled water.

Recycling paper is a stupid idea, I prefer to try and reduce paper usage rather than recycle it, principally for three reasons:

1) It takes some pretty nasty chemicals to clean all the crap offa paper to reuse it.
2) Most pulp used for paper is made from fast growing trees, like popular trees, grown on tree farms.
3) More carbon monoxide and dioxide, aka greenhouse grasses, are released during the process of transporting and processing paper for recycling, than justifies the gain from reusing fiber, oh, damn, heres the fourth reason I almost forgot:
4) Recycled fiber must be mixed with either funky chemicals or some virgin fiber (or sometimes with longer recycled fiber) to properly make paper.

So, realistically its not a very good idea to recycle paper, but I guess if you like doing it, go ahead.

Now, for the bottled water, heres an excerpt from a news article:

In summary, the manufacture and transport of that one kilogram bottle of Fiji water consumed 26.88 kilograms of water (7.1 gallons) .849 Kilograms of fossil fuel (one litre or .26 gal) and emitted 562 grams of Greenhouse Gases (1.2 pounds).

Sounds like fun eh?

Most bottled water is just filtered water from municipal sources.

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