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A Fox Called Kay's Journal
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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

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Things that have annoyed me lately:

  1. Overly complicated or broken radio programming software

    • The GE Orion software in particular.
    • Motorola not letting their older radios join the 21st century by making Windows based software for them.
    • Limitations in a radio that are not really limitations of the radio but of the programming software.

  2. Hard to use radios.

    • Lack of adequate memories, theres no reason a mobile radio should have less memories than a handheld from the same company.
    • theres no reason a mobile radio should have less space for alphanumeric tags than a handheld.
    • Complex menu system but only 99 memories?
    • I keep managing to write other memories to slot 1 on my VX-7R, its kinda annoying.

  3. Application uninstallers that reboot your machine without warning.

    • Especially for silly reasons, an application that has no device drivers or shell hooks should never need to reboot to uninstall.

  4. eBay scammers.

    • So, some guy is selling iPhones on eBay, need I say more?
    • Those asshats that sell something then send the buyer a picture of it.
    • Those who dont realize how legally binding stuff like eBay is.
    • Nigerian Scammers.

  5. Those older ham operators that cant get over morse code going away.

    • Those who think the General and Extra exams are easy.
    • Those who pay no respect to new operators.
    • Those who piss and moan but dont do anything about it.

  6. VE7KFM

    • Those who help him out and such.
    • Those who jam him.
    • Whoever the hell gave him his license.

  7. Homeowners associations that excercise excessive control over their members.

    • The ones that freak out over hams, period.
    • The ones that freak out over antennas, period.
    • The ones that use excessive surveilence to freak aout over the aformentioned hams and antennas.
    • The ones that prohibit otherwise legal stuff like guns or smoking.
    • The ones that make the neighborhood really pretty but cause so much backstabbing its practically unlivable.

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