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Friday, July 27th, 2007

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So, recent news is that there is a class action lawsuit over the battery life of the iPhone... This brings to point, something I have known since dealing with Nextel customers long ago...

Consumers have no fucking clue how batteries work.

The lawsuit centers on the 300 charge lifetime of the iPhone battery, firstly, Apple said "400" and thats not till the battery dies, but till it looses 20% of its capacity. Thats still 80% capacity left.

I have two problems with this:
1. This is a normal degredation rate.
2. It will still last up to 800 cycles till the battery is useless.

Now, I reviewed the Wikipedia article on Li-Ion batteries and noted that my conclusions are correct.

So, advice for all of you:

* Store your Li-Ion batteries in a cool place if they are not used.
* Try to charge your cell phone or laptop on a regular basis, dont use it till its dead every time, but guesstimate how long it takes you to hit half a charge and charge it at that interval.
* Do not completely discharge your Li-Ion battery, the farther past about 30% charge you push it, the more of its life you eat up.

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