A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

This just in...

  1. The Pope gets an iPod.
  2. In case the previous article had you convinced that the end was near, I have good news (not about GEICO), RIM has settled the Blackberry patent case with NTP, no more dangers of executives wandering the streets like zombies without the guidence of their Blackberrys.
  3. RIAA wants 30% of Sirius satellite radio revenues.
  4. Of course, the Feds dont like this, so their opening a probe into online music pricing.
  5. While Money elaborated on how outsourcing pisses off customers, "President" Bush defended outsourcing in his visit to India, of course, over at the Fox News reality distortion desk, claims "Bush: Outsourcing Does Hurt U.S.". Fun.

    Follow ups...
    ZiffDavis article on Wyden's anti-segrigated internet bill.

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