A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

This Just In:
Schools are designed to break the student, kill their self-esteem and train them to do mindless tasks without suffering independent thought. What else would forcing kids to learn facts and theories without any context achieve? Have you ever used enough of that knowledge you worked so hard to memorize and retain in school to justify the full time job it took to do that?

By time I entered middle school I had been trained to think of myself as an academic looser, and halfway through my first year there I had a psychotic breakdown. By seventh grade I had come to think of myself as a social outcast, hell, anyone that gets called shit like "faerie," "faggot" or, "queer" wouldn’t think of themselves as part of the homogeneous society created by marketing and social pressure. (A side note, everyone was talking about sex... but how could a boy that likes other boys survive that?)

In high school I had the advisor from hell, she dedicated her time to making my academic career ineffective. Why? I’m not entirely sure, she might have though that she was helping me... how would keeping me out of the classes I wanted and putting me in the not so good ones help? I have to be kept in a English class with a teacher that thinks my writing is sub-par because I use words she doesn’t know (oh, yeah, I’m supposed to have the thesaurus but not use it)? Or refusing to transfer me out of a really boring "programming" class? Anyways?…

Crap, brainfart…

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