A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

So I took a trip to BC...

So Trapa has been bulding these really cool grab and go kits, with a GE Orion mobile radio and a Saber in a charger, they hold all that and a power supply in a Pelican case. He's building these for the local emergency services, hopefully they work out okay.

Apparently the badge label printers for Califur and Rain Furrest are being funky, alot of time was spent trying to make them work and some sucess was achieved, there will be no problem with having them working at the cons.

The furmeet was awesome, thanks to Aphinity for holding a killer furmeet. Shouts out to Fuzzi-Fox and Ixiah for being there.

Red Robin's 5 Alarm Burger leaves alot to be desired, it was talked up in their menu as being really spicy, but pretty much came off as a dud, hopefully it was just a problem with that particular time.

Alot fo the GVRD was flooded... parts of Surrey and the Fraser valley, alot of detours had to be made Sunday night and on the bus monday, which was late.

Next weekend the Canadians come down for a Rain Furrest meeting, BTW:

The Rain Furrest meeting for this month will be on the 17th of MArch at the Round Table Pizza in Bellevue, WA. If you can help out, please attend.

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