A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

So, news for the last week or so:

Managed to get a TV Wonder 650 at Re-PC for $2.95, this is a HDTV card and rund something like $100 these days.

Managed to get a PoE injector for one of the Cisco phones, considering trying to setup Asterisk.

Fixed the DVD burner, apparently being on the same bus with a DVD drive was adversely affecting the transfer rates and making a DVD burn in 30 minutes rather than 5.

Modified a Nite-Ize case to hold my shears (Klein 2100-7) and multi screwdriver (Klein 32477), yay.

Massive OT at work.

Got a shelf for the rack for cheap, nearly killed my arm getting it home.

Note: rack pictures will be forthcoming, as soon as I finish some stuff on it.

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