A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

So, Update:

Sakuracon was okay, promotion for Rainfurrest did not go as well as expected, but now I have a pawstar fox hat.

Harris Corp, known for the does everything Unity XG-100 multi-band multi-system radio has announced that their aquiring M/A-Comm Wireless Systems makers of the EDACS and OpenSky trunking systems, as well as the Orion radios that I have a few of.... this means that the Orion has been preceeded by the following brands... GE, Ericsson, CommNet, M/A-Comm and Tyco... and now Harris.

It seems to be the season for mergers in the radio industry, previously Motorola aquired most of Yaesu Co. Ltd. aka Vertex Standard, a major player in the small and rugged radio market, which Im sure Motorola wanted for the small part, since Motorola seems to have seriousl problems with making anything both small and rugged... Yaesu is also a major player in the Amateur Radio market I won a few of their ham radios.

This all hasn't affected my radio purchasing habits, Im still buying into the Orions, still buying Motorola stuff and still want a Vertex Standard VX-8r.

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