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Of all the books on education reform I have read, verry few ever suggest that the verry structure where students are "taught" may not be the proper way to learn.

How about that? Perhaps the verry reason many students dont learn in secondary schools these days, is their uninterest in learning, especially when what they're being taught may have no bearing on their lives. At the verry heart of schools these days is a complex set of special interests, many, dubbed "core subjects," are given a higher and perhaps inflated value... Do we really need to be taught history three times?

How many of you who have taken physical science or physics remeber how to caculate a radiowave's wavelength from its frequency?

Ah, yes, wavelenth = speed of light/frequency.

But wait!!! I learned that for the FCC Amature Radio Operator exams... In 1998... nearly 3 years before I took Physics.

How about the mothods used to teach these subjects?

Does math really have to be that hard? It was pretty hard for me, considering Im more apt to think in visual terms, all those numbers... But wait? Did they really explain what the hell they are doing, or was it just assumed that you would get it after being shown six or seven disconnected theorems and some squiggly lines?

Um, yeah.

How about those standard tests?? I guess it took the legislature a good bit of work to come up with a way to scare kids into getting good scores or dropping out, why do I say that? Beacuse, thats pretty much what they told me in 5th grade, if I didint do it good enough then, I wouldint ever get to graduate. But wait!!! It turns out that its only a sticker on your deploma! Some colleges may consider it in addition to all other admittance factors.

How many? Lets have a look:

3 different speech tests (impromptu, informative, persuasive, it is important to note that you cant get the 3 work samples required by doing more than one of each type)
1 writting test, plus two other work samples.
1 reading test.
1 math test, plus work samples.
1 social sciences test, plus work samples.
1 science test, plus work samples.

I hope thats right, I quoted it from memory, yes, all that was drilled into me.

So I put all this all together and decided that I had wasted my time in high school...

So I went to college, scoreing high in the ASSET tests, I was wisked into intermediate algebra and writeing 115...

Repeat after me: you cant go to college when your parents are ragging on you for progress info...

And hold a almost full time job.
And buy your own food.
And pay your generous parents $50/week in rent.
And try to manage to get your work done with the constant threat of your computer being confiscated, even though its fully owned by yourself and noone else.
And do that without any internet access.
Only an hour a day at the library, hurry!!!

I barely made it through the first semester.

And then my money ran out, yeah, I had financial aid, but the VA was taking its sweet time getting it to me.

So I tried to float the next semester on what I had left.

Worked, sorta, no philosophy book (why is it that you either buy the book three weeks before class, or never get the chance to buy it?).

That was my downfall in that class....

The VA money came, too little, too late.

That and being sick on the midterm day... yeah, I would of taken it at a later date, but the instructer took to ignoring me.


After a few weeks of this, I dropped, or at least tried to drop that and my other class at the time.

No go.

My parents had practically kicked me out.

Time went on. And after two semesters, I was down nearly $1300 in tuition, $200 in books, god knows how much in supplies, 2 emotional breakdowns, and one college career.

But I learned the most valuable thing.

To be taught, you must want to learn... I dont mean want as in, you want to get that writeing credit under your belt to get the reqs for that dramatic writeing class, or that computer class so that you can animate using the computer...

But, want to learn, as in you want to write plays so bad that you spend every waking hour working them out in your head.... or want to animate with such lust that you see the characters move when you close your eyes.

But, why then must you learn about unrealted matters, admitadly most things taught in general writing classes pertain to dramatic writeing, in some way.

But do you really need to know how to flash a BIOS to use Maya?

Think about it.


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