A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

How the hell am I going to get call center experience if I dont have the call center experience to work in a call center? You need retail experience to get an "entry level" job at a retail establishment? Hell, are there really any entry level jobs in this world? Companies seem to be spending a whole lot more time than they should determining where that little fine line called "the most profiatble place for an employee to quit" and making shure in both hireing and the job environment that the employee does quit then. Come on, do we really have to go through a personality test to even apply? "Oh, sorry, your psych evaluation came back and forcasts a 2 year efficiency deficit of 2.3 percent, we cant let you continue training. The secritary will have your paycheck on the way out." If only I would have listened to my guidence counselor and became a balistic missile submarine cryptologist.

Yes Im a bit jaded in regards to the educational system? How could one not be jaded when he spent soo much time in classroms with teachers who spent soo much time trying to fugure out how to eject the low performers from their class than actually evalutaing the effectiveness of their teaching. For two years I had an advicsor who could have been replaced with a big sign that said "No!", who spent most of her time in regards to me trying to get me out of the classes I excelled in and keeping me in classes where I was failing. Did I have personality conflicts with teachers? Yes, in some classes both the teacher and I spent more time pondering what epitaphs should be used un the discusion of the missing homework than it would have taken to do the homework. But whats the point of spending 5 hours a night doing homework when all it counts is 20 percent of my final grade? No point, especially when the schools putting soo much work into finding students to deny education.

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