A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Apple told to halt 'world's fastest' claims for G5

Apple has been making two controversial claims about their G5 processor:

1. That it is the worlds fastest processor.
2. That it is the first 64bit processor for PCs.

Now, I dont really want to be an ass, but I call mule fritters on those claims.

There have been tons of benchmarks comparing the G5 to the Pentium 4 and Athlon XP, in each benchmark the obvious conclusion would be that they are wildly influenced by the test conditions, and that the G5 hasnt been as fast in all or even most cases.

They are also ignoring other processors, like MIPS R12000 and R14000, IBM's POWER4, AMD's Opteron and Athlon64 (FX) and of course, Intel's Itanium and Itanium II, all of these being 64 bit procssors available in low end workstations that could qualify as "PCs."

Now, 64bit PCs? How about the $3000 Sun Ultra 5, released in, lesse, 1998 if I recall corectly? But wait, theres the $5400 SGI Indy released in 1993 with a 64bit MIPS R4000, and later the R5000 which was adapted into the R5300i that was used in the Nintendo64, there a low end 64bit workstation *and* a 64bit console.

And then theres the Itaniums, Opterons, and all those other 64bit processors already shipped in cheap workstations before last years release of the G5.

Isisnt it so friggin obvious that Apple's claim is false?

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