A Fox Called Kay (kayfox) wrote,
A Fox Called Kay

Dear The Editor of The Oregonian and S. Renee Mitchell,

As a "street youth" I find S. Renee Mitchell's column on street youth to be rather ignorant. She uses a broad brush on an entire class of people based on actions of one group, many of which are not even in the class she paints.

Many are gay and lesbian, many are from broken homes, many lost their jobs. Some you don't see, because they often blend in with other youth and even working adults, and many of them have jobs.

It might help to realise that many of these youth have not chosen to live on the streets, having been kicked out or they leave in search of a better way to live, and often find it through New Avenues and Outside In.

Many of these programs face budget cuts. Donations have slowed after repeated assaults of bad publicity.

Kyle Fox
New Avenues Student

PS. You may publish my full name and email address.

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