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kayfox's Journal

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A Fox Called Kay
6 November 1983
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  • thekayfox
-- basic info --
Name: Kyle Aiden Fox
Sex: Male
Fursona Species: Vulpes Cyridaes
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Bullet point time!

  • Lives in The Pacific Northwest.

  • Is not Kae Cyphet, nor am I kylefox of BC.

  • Could be considered a furry, but I dont necessarily like the furry fandom half the time, mostly because of all the drama that sparks up over little things.

  • My character is a gray fennec fox with purple head-hair, he is a cuntboy.

  • Conventions:

    • OSCon
    • Conifur - Former staff.
    • NorWesCon - Staff.
    • Further Confusion - Former staff.
    • Howloween
    • Furry Fiesta
    • C-Cubed
    • Sakuracon
    • Rustycon.
    • DEFCON 20, 21, 22.
    • RainFurrest (all of them) - Staff.
    • Califur.
    • Bsides:

      • Vancouver
      • Seattle
      • Las Vegas

    • Everfree (all of them) - Staff.
    • Vancoufur.

  • Professionally employed as a Network Security Engineer.

  • Previously worked for a major game console manufacturer. I am also a former user of Novell and currently use SuSE Linux. I have met both Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds, Torvalds seems nicer.

  • Has, in some way shape or form, worked for every major cellphone provider.

  • Is involved in amateur radio. First licenced in 1998, holds a Amateur Extra class license from the FCC, callsign KA7FOX and a Advanced certification from Industry Canada, call VA7FEN.

  • Stairs->I am protected.

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSA). Instructions to view my MCP Transcript (friends only).

A quote:
When the phone rang, the monkey would lift the receiver, hold it up to the birdcage, and the parrot would squawk, in a German accent, "You haft der vrong noomber!" and the monkey would hang up the phone.

My Rabbit Valley Wishlist
My Powells Books Wishlist.

My Flickr page.

Picture of my fursona by shiuk.
Picture of my fursona by thegreenmonkey.

According to conservative community standards the material presented in this journal may be "harmful to minors".

This Journal has been rated NC-17 by the Motion Picture Association of America. No One 17 and Under Admitted.

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